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Organisation Development Tools Institute (ODTI)

Balbriggan, Dublin, Ireland
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  • Year founded: 2018

About Organisation Development Tools Institute (ODTI)

The Organisation Development Tools Institute (ODTI), Researches, Develops and Provides tools that help organisations plan and execute Incremental, Transitional and Transformational Change based on Organisation Science and Dynamic Systems Maturity Theory (DSMT).

DSMT identifies the distinct learning levels (Maturity levels) that describe any organisations functioning level (Performance and ability to change), and provides a roadmap to improve Performance & Agility to higher maturity levels.

What challenges do organisations face today? (Problem)

It is widely acknowledged in Industry & Academia that 70% of change programs fail to deliver expected value using existing change models and tools. ODTI’s mission is to advance our understanding of change management practice, and provide knowledge and tools to reduce failure rates significantly. The first products below are a significant step in achieving our mission.

In todays modern dynamic, technologically centric environment, organisations must be able to anticipate, adapt and even stimulate change to survive and be successful, but often find themselves constrained by existing strategies, culture and practices. As a result they are seeking more advanced tools and techniques to improve their change capability, and outcomes.

What is the product? (Solution) ? Body of Knowledge: The Organisation Capability Maturity Framework™ (ORG-CMF) is a Change Capability Maturity Framework, consisting of a Body of Knowledge which describes each Maturity Level for each key organisation Dynamic. It also provides a roadmap to guide change actions and improve change capability.

Organisation Maturity Assessment: The starting point for any organisation change program is an appropriate organisation assessments which provides a true measurement of their current capabilities, and appropriate guidance on actions to be taken to achieve both their target change goals and improved capability maturity. (Organisation Maturity Index-OMI).

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