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About ONQU Solutions

ONQU delivers a wide range of services related to business improvement using transformational technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is transforming organisations work structures by automating standard processes and labour intensive workstreams.

RPA removes the need for employees to undertake repetitive, menial, error-prone and laborious tasks by capturing the process within a software program that runs with no human involvement.

Once Mapped the work routine can be set to operate continuously, error-free and with little or no downtime this improves efficiency, productivity, compliance, customer service and reduce costs significantly.

As there is little or no integration required, pilots to test the benefits of RPA can be implemented in days and the results can be identified immediately.

To ascertain if a process can be automated and whether it is a suitable candidate for automation please use the ONQU Process Cost Calculator below.

Once identified ONQU can quickly assess whether it can be used as a pilot or text case and work out a Return on Investment (ROI) payback figure.

Once published the host organisation and sponsor can decide whether to pursue or find another candidate process.


RPA is 15x faster compared to manual interventions

UiPath RPA is revolutionising how organisations operate by significantly improving efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing costly mistakes.

It does not matter how complex a process is, how many steps or how many different data sources the user needs to capture to deliver the desired outcome RPA can capture and replicate the process and then automate it.

ONQU Automation can help with a wide range RPA subjects including:
* Where to go to look for information on RPA and Automated Inovice Processing
* Initial business conversation identifying potential uses for RPA with the host organisation
* Workshop planning and departmental engagement
* Product demo’s and case study evidence
* Scalable Proof of Concepts (SPOC) and Pilots including tria licenses and financial support
* Solutions Design
* Statement of work creation including Bill of materials, resources, support and project delivery (Fixed Price)
* Poreject delivery and development with Knowledge transfer
* Creation of a Centre of Excellence(CoE)
* Skills and training workshops


15x Faster & 15x Cheaper than manual processing

Invoice processing at a higher throughput rate can deliver significant advantages for Finance executives who want to control the accounts payable function and deliver value.

Typical throughput velocity is 15 times the physical process rate and average invoice processing costs come down from a typical average of £15 to less than £1.

With ABBY Flexicapture for Invoicing Software organisations can create value and realize a wide range of benefits including:

* Convert Physical Invoices, images, pdf’s, and spreadsheet into electronic date
* Automatically read and understand captured data and flag exceptions
* Automatically crosscheck captured data against PO numbers & Account codes
* Match Invoice Value Data with Purchase Order Value
* Route exceptions to processing staff
* Route High Value Invoices to authorised managers or CFO
* Commit low value invoices to ERP, CRM or Finance system automatically
* Run KPI reports on value, invoice velocity, time to complete
* Review process and systems data to make positive improvement changes
* Re-allocate staff to emotional value tasks, credit control, relationship management
* Route workload to offsite or home working staff


Expect 40%+ Savings compared with UK Onshore support

As organisations embrace new models and methods of working to enhance their business functions new skills and frameworks need to be defined and  implemented. Cost effective support, always on support is crucial to successful IT delivery and operations.

ONQU focusses on best practice and best for need approaches and measures all aspects of remore Managed Services using key metrics to allow for continuous development and deployment. This includes supporting:

* Oracle Applications EBusiness Suite and HR
* Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server Databases
* Weblogic Middleware
* Linux (RHEL / SUZE / Oracle)
* Cloud Deployments
* DevOps
* Robotic Process Automation
* Test Automation environments

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