Novatech (AMP – Augmented Manual Procedures)

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Novatech (AMP – Augmented Manual Procedures)

Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 1982

About Novatech (AMP – Augmented Manual Procedures)

NovaTech products and services simplify complexity, reduce risk and extend the capabilities of the engineers and organizations making the world’s power grids and essential process industries more reliable, efficient, sustainable, and secure.

Our industry-leading power measurement, substation automation, and process control solutions are used by hundreds of U.S.

Utilities and numerous Fortune 100 process manufacturers worldwide. In applications ranging from power generation to agriculture, biofuels, brewing, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals, our solutions emphasize open standards, ease of deployment, and the integration of existing assets.

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Process Automation, Electric Utility Automation, Smart Grid, Electric Power Measurement, SCADA, Process Engineering, Applications Engineering, Energy Management, Training, T&D, Distribution Automation, Substation Automation, IEC61850, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0.

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