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Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Size: Independent Consultant
  • Year founded: 1999

About Nick Lawrence

I’m Nick Lawrence. I try to make computers think more like humans, and sometimes I succeed. I love my job best when I surprise and delight people with incredible advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Since you’re looking at my profile, you probably know lots of people with amazing backgrounds in deep learning, advanced analytics and other AI technologies. What I bring is the combination of cutting edge tools and techniques with the business acumen and people skills that leaders need.

If you need an ultra-geek who will live and breathe TensorFlow and sci-kit for weeks at a time, surfacing only for pizza and Nerf battles, I’m not your guy (but I can introduce you to a few). If you need a leader who can take complex and shifting business objectives, frame them as an AI issue, design the solution, and lead a team of engineers to deliver it – call me.

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Digital innovation and transformation, focusing on AI, ML, Data, Analytics.

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