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71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom
020 8012 8586
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2017

About Moonbow

Moonbow is a SaaS+ company committed to delivering propulsive, best-in-class software solutions custom-tailored to digital media. Our approach is to leverage the balance of machine and human brainpower in order to maximize KPI-driven results while minimising tedious and iterative taskwork.

That means taking our software and injecting our veteran market perspective, which is informed by 15 years of digital advertising experience, rapid adaptation, and competent collaboration. Retailers recognise us as a strategic partner with proven execution and an exciting runway for our products. qright

Introducing our Tools

* Smart Feed – AI-empowered best feed management tool to generate and optimise product data feed.
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* Price Checker – Increase profits by making efficient pricing decisions and stay ahead of your competitors
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* webintelligence – Tired of switching between reports, stay informed with custom-tailored reports on your products
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* digispot – Manage the impact of your TV ads on your website with digispot to maximise ROI
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Moonbow is a market leader in product performance technology. Powered by AI, unifying technologies, retail intelligence, and specialist expertise. Our cloud-based platforms are turn-key with demonstrated results. We offer wide range of solutions to our clients by optimising their product data feeds according to the trending online shopping/marketing channels with ease to save their time and reduced their advertising costs. We also offer our clients the best price monitoring tool which helps them in making better business decisions by having a constant check on their competitors in terms of price and stock.

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Digital Marketing, PPC, Google Shopping, Feed Management, Google Feed, Google AdWords, SEO, Google Merchant Center, Feed Optimisation, Google Analytics, Social Media Optimisation, Mar-Tech, AD-Tech, and Pricing Intelligence Software

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