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Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2012

About Momentum Digital Advisory

Momentum provides independent digital expertise, technology advice, and hands-on transformational leadership to executives, investors and entrepreneurs.

We operate at the intersection of digital business, disruptive technologies, organisational agility and employee experience to build and sustain the momentum you need to create value, reduce the cost of creating value and drive transformational change in the digital age.

We provide a range of independent services:

Digital Capability Assessment

An expert analysis and independent report of the suitability and maturity of the digital and technology capabilities, operations and assets that exist illuminating risks and uncovering areas of opportunity with practical and realistic recommendations.

It is suitable for executives that need to undertake a strategic review of their existing business, investors that are performing due diligence of a target business or entrepreneurs that are preparing for a future investment round or exit. It is applicable to any type of business in any sector.

Digital Business Transformation

Interim expertise as and when you need it to turn digital strategy and ambition into a practical business reality, changing the areas that matter to your business at the speed most appropriate to realise your desired business outcomes.

Digital Leadership Training

Practical hands-on training for executives and senior leaders that equips them with the mindset and digital literacy required to lead and influence their people and teams in a customer-centric and employee-empowered organisation.

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