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Weesperstraat 105, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1018 VN , The Netherlands
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  • Year founded: 2017

About Minkowski

We are Minkowski.

We believe that you can create your direction forward when you learn how to apply the possibilities of the future to your organization. Where you will end up in due time is not only determined by where you want to go, but also by where you are today and where you came from before.

Minkowski helps organizations to apply futures (short term and long term), so they can identify what’s next for them and how to respond to the world changing around them. We don’t determine the future for you, we enable it with you.

Agency for applied futures

We give agency to people in organizations by designing collaborative interventions around the most important questions for their future.

In highly customized sessions we work with challenging future thinkers and scientists, well-trained facilitators, experienced business coaches and innovators and people from your organization to empower you to lead the change as opposed to succumb to it.

If you want to build the capacity to design your future, Minkowski can help you. Let’s meet!

Email: hello@minkowski.org

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Customized programs for change, Design for collaboration, Masterclasses and training, Leadership transformation, Social innovation labs, Personal Leadership, Innovation, Change program, Workshops, creative leadership, training, masterclass, design thinking, prototyping, moonshot thinking, Future vision & strategy, vision, strategy, Scenario Planning, BHAG, Exponential Thinking, and Business model strategy

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