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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2015

About Maverix

Maverix was founded long before the Logo was born, it has been a deep desire of both founders for as long as they can remember about the need to do big things from humble beginnings.

The founders Melody Jarvis and Dan Brown have worked with thousands of business owners and decision makers within large and small businesses alike over the last 15 years across various segments, markets and all of them have had huge amounts of pain with Technology.

Technology can simplify your life or cause complete chaos; we all know the pain. For as long as either of us can remember we were always naturally inquisitive and happily spent our summer holidays and weekends dismantling appliances, computers or even the odd lawn mower to see how it works, usually to the horror of our family.

However, the advantage to this is that we’ve both spent a lot of our time gaining a deep understanding of how technology works, the outcomes you can achieve, and the organizational benefits associated. You could say that this was more a calling than a career.

Our focus is to challenge the traditional forms of marketing & sales growth strategies and turn it on its head. We are a team of many Professionals all over the world committed to one thing; the success of every Business we work with. We want to be clear from the start, we will enable you to disrupt, engage and capitalize.

To date Maverix has helped hundreds of Australian Businesses, and the results have been staggering. ‘End to End’​ DX is our focus and our mantra is Growth. #Digital Transformation, Strategy and Cloud solutions for Australian business.

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Website Development, Digital Transformation, Application Development, Social Selling , Social Marketing, Sales Growth, Disrupting Markets, DX, Strategy,, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Automation.

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