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About Mastering Your Power

Mastering Your Power – Coaching tools and programs for transformation in the new era of leadership


Why Mastering Your Power?
We see ourselves as the fosterers of powerful and purposeful dialogue between individuals, groups and the organisation. Everything we offer is practical, based on corporate, entrepreneurial and life experiences.

Our approach is rooted in current research in neuroscience and psychology. Designed to support new ways of working in a number of different contexts. Helping your people in coming together as the driving force for successful transformation.

The solution to achieving successful transformation

“The technical experience and appreciation for different personality types, coupled with the coaching helped in far more areas than we could have ever envisaged.

We were able to develop self-awareness, as well as ways of thinking and working differently – all so important when you need more than just techies!

We needed well-rounded individuals with an appreciation for one another as well as the stakeholders.”

– Martin O’ Brian | Head of Digital Transformation, Planning Inspectorate

Mastering Your Power for Leaders

What is it?
All our programs are experiential and based on current research on neuroscience and psychology. Our aim is to invite attendees to take their leadership to the next level. They are standalone and its also perfectly ok to pick and choose what’s relevant. However, there is a flow. They are available as virtual and in-person programs.


Mastering Leadership Skills
This course is designed to improve commercial insight, confidence and impactful leadership skills. It will help participants create a work environment that encourages commitment, innovation and co-operation. Delegates will learn how to collaborate, influence and manage stakeholders.

Mastering Coaching Conversations
Coaching skills give leaders the mindset and tools to motivate and develop their people to stay ahead of the curve. Leaders who coach ‘pull’ – they don’t push by solving someone’s problem for them. Helping their people take ownership of their roles and responsibilities by solving their own problems.

Mastering Your Personal Brand
Understand how to promote your key benefit strategically and be influential, different and distinctive. Building a strong personal brand will lead to loyalty, business opportunities and career success. The Mastering Your Personal Brand workshop is suitable for those in roles who need to be visible and manage how they are perceived upwards, outside their organisation and their peers.

Mastering Powerful Storytelling
Storytelling is increasingly a core personal skill for engaging with customers in a more meaningful and compelling way. To really connect and differentiate we need the skills and confidence to move away from traditional presentations and instead focus on crafting a great story. Those who are powerful storytellers can paint a solution that sticks in the customer’s mind and helps to sell up the value chain.

Mastering Winning Demos
Many product demonstrations focus on features and functions and ultimately are in danger of become a training session. This style of demonstrating is highly ineffective. Based on twenty years of pre-sales experience Winning Demos is a tried and tested methodology which covers the complete pre-sales cycle from effective discovery meetings to the execution of a killer pre-sales technical product presentation and demo.

Mastering Your Emotional Resilience
We are surrounded by subtle – and not-so-subtle – messages that we have to ‘work harder’. For some of us that come from within, it is self-imposed thanks to our personality type or for others among us; the messages come through the culture that has developed within our place of work.

Through this masterclass you will be able to recognise your strengths and let go of the ‘fight’. The surrender bringing with it a release of tension and an opportunity to channel your energy into being the best version of you.

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