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4 O'Meara Street, London, SE1 1TE, United Kingdom
020 3397 7846
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2012

About Made Tech

Made Tech are public sector technology delivery experts. We provide Digital, Data and Technology services across the UK market.

We help public sector leaders to modernise legacy applications and working practices, accelerate digital service delivery, drive smarter decisions with data and enable improved technology skills within teams.

Founded in 2012, we grew by helping startups to build products fast using lean and agile principles. Since 2016, we have been helping public sector organisations to adopt these skills, capabilities and ways of working to deliver better outcomes for citizens.

Digital, Data & Technology services
We work alongside brilliant public servants to modernise technology and accelerate digital delivery.

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Digital Service Delivery
Data Infrastructure and Insights
Technology Skill Enablement
Transform Legacy Applications

Digital service delivery

“We want to build and deliver modern services that meet user needs.”

Typical challenges
* New policy changes cannot be met
* Services failing to meet user needs
* Lacking delivery skills and capabilities
* Need support to deliver agile projects
* Must follow government open standards

How we can help
We empower public sector organisations to deliver user-centric digital services by supporting them at every point in the delivery lifecycle, from discovery through alpha and beta to running live services.

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Data infra­structure and insights

“Our data is a mess – locked away and adding nothing to our decisions.”

Typical challenges
* Lots of repetitive manual entry
* Low quality, inconsistent data
* Locked away in legacy systems
* No single view for decision makers
* Unable to benefit from ML and AI

How we can help
We use cloud-based engineering and open source technology to help you capture, process and analyse data, so that it drives smart decision making across your organisation.

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Technolo­gy skills enable­ment

“Our skills and capabilities are holding us back from delivering modern software.”

Typical challenges
* Digital and technology skills shortage
* Outdated tools and ways of working
* Limited cloud & open source knowledge
* Too much spent on external consultants
* No talent pipeline or in-house training

How we can help
We will identify which skills are missing in your organisation and then work alongside your team to deliver software, while helping you to develop capabilities and future talent.

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Legacy application transformation

“Legacy applications are increasing risk across our organisation. We must act now.”

Typical challenges
* Cyber security risks are increasing
* Systems aren’t designed around user needs
* Maintainability and support issues
* Unnecessarily high data centre costs
* Making changes is slow

How we can help
Our legacy transformation process allows you to iteratively modernise legacy applications so you can reduce costs, generate operational efficiencies and increase your team’s capabilities.

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Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, Devops, Agile Transformation, Agile, Bespoke Software, Ruby on Rails, Clojure, NodeJS, GoLang, React, and Cloud Automation

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