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Athens , Greece
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  • Year founded: 2014

About Lithos Digital

At Lithos Digital, we believe that when you are competitive you can only achieve certain things that your competitors have already carried out. In essence, you’re just trying to get a piece of the pie. But when you are creative, then there are no limits and you can achieve things that your competitors haven’t even thought about.

Who we are:

At Lithos Digital we are a team of young professionals who love Digital Marketing and decided to dedicate our time and effort to what we love, our profession. That’s because we believe that only when you really love your job can you stand out and be the best in your field. And we consider ourselves the best.

Our specialty is inbound marketing, in other words, to rank a website to the top spot of Google for the best keywords, increase traffic and sales, and broaden its image on the web, not just brand awareness. Of course, our capabilities do not end there. We are also professionals in web development, web design, consultancy and even photography. By implementing strategy, insight, and planning we can come up with efficient and effective digital solutions. If it’s digital, we got it.

Our team members have worked for several years at major digital marketing companies abroad (especially in England, the heart of digital marketing.) We have worked with clients in every niche, from all over the world with great success.

Our goal is to assist as many businesses as possible in Greece to improve their online presence and by achieving our own goals to help you achieve yours as well. We like innovation and creation. The greatest satisfaction in our work is to attain and do things that no other agency has ever done.

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Digital Marketing, SEO, Insight, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, ASO, Outreach, Consultancy, Photography, Web Development, Content Marketing, and Multilingual SEO

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