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New York, New York, USA
  • Size: Medium
  • Coverage: International
  • Year founded: 1943

About Lippincott

Lippincott is a global creative consultancy.

We bring to our clients’ toughest challenges the acumen, rigor and preparedness of a premier business consulting firm — and the spirit, courage and imagination of a world-class innovation and design agency.

For the past 70+ years, our global teams have partnered with the world’s leading companies to blend business acumen and pioneering creativity, a practice known today as “design thinking.”

As a result, we build brands that emotionally connect, drive innovation that powers growth and shape culture for enduring impact. We’ve taken Starbucks beyond coffee, helped Delta achieve new heights and partnered with Samsung to disrupt new categories. We help leaders succeed on the edge of change.

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Brand, Innovation, Culture.

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