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    Lindsay Herbert, IBM Inventor & Global Chief Innovation Officer for IBM Garage GBS, has received international praise for her book Digital Transformation. Its practical and direct approach to innovation dispels the myths behind the business world’s most infamous buzzword.

    Her book Digital Transformation is available from Bloomsbury and booksellers worldwide

    Among Lindsay’s IBM inventions is IBM Instant Checkout, a groundbreaking system that detects shop items without needing to individually scan them, and then enables quick, secure payment.

    Lindsay is also a Governor on the Museum of London Board, as well as co-chair for the BIMA Tech Council.

    As a keynote speaker, Lindsay draws upon her own insider insights leading major innovation and change with a diverse set of leading brands, including the UN, Shell, BlackRock, World Wildlife Fund, and the NHS.

    Lindsay’s core belief is that true digital transformation means to become more adaptive to change itself. Her inspring stories and examples reveal that this is more often achieved by transforming a company’s culture and ways of working, rather than by imposing complex technical solutions.


    Thought leadership, transformation management.

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