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Fairfax, Virginia, USA
+1 703-226-1500
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 2002

About Knovos

Since 2002, Knovos has dedicated its engineering resources to automate, integrate and innovate solutions for legal information management.

From Risk & Compliance to eDiscovery, Collaboration and Project Management, our technologies strengthen decision-making, foster actionable insights, and ensure compliance in support of some of the world’s most influential corporations, law firms, and governments.

Flexible: Knovos provides clients unlimited flexibility to develop processes and competencies faster. Our cloud, private cloud, a hybrid approach, or On-Premise licensing solutions help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver new, secure sources of business value with actionable intelligence.

Experienced: With roots in electronic discovery, Knovos serves Global 2000 and AmLaw 200 organizations, multi-national corporations and public sector clients on the collection, processing, review and analysis of electronically stored information.

Comprehensive: Knovos is a streamlined, scalable and complete solution. Our technologies deliver intelligence across a comprehensive suite of risk and legal processes, from Regulatory Compliance and Data Governance to eDiscovery all without the need for plug-ins or complicated data transfers.

Advanced: Our patented analytics engine powers the entire Knovos information management and governance software portfolio – giving you the most advanced analytics available.

Global: Knovos brings global expertise and reach to every client engagement. With offices and data centers across three continents, we deliver seamless solutions and support to organizations worldwide.

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eDiscovery, Information Governance, Project Management, Early Case Assessment ECA, Technology Assisted Review (TAR), Data Management, Compliance Management, Data Governance, GDPR, Electronic Discovery, Arbitration Management, and Performance Budgeting

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