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United Kingdom
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About Jeff Wellstead

Jeff Wellstead is a seasoned people strategy creator and consultant with 25 years of experience, specializing in high-growth technology businesses. He has worked with over 15 organizations globally, with notable acquisitions by companies like Symantec, Oracle, and Microsoft. Jeff’s background includes roles in multinational investment banks, consultancies, and technology firms in NYC.
Services Offered:

  • AI Integration in HR: Helping HR adapt to AI technologies in talent management.
  • Innovation Guidance: Empowering HR tech innovators to develop AI-powered solutions.
  • People Analytics Solutions: Providing managed service people analytics for workforce insights.

Jeff Wellstead’s services focus on fostering company growth by emphasizing cultural values, leadership excellence, efficient people systems, well-designed processes, and data-driven decision-making. His expertise spans human resource management and operational scaling for rapid-growth companies, making him a valuable partner for organizations seeking sustainable growth and success.

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HR technology, AI, Culture, PeopleAnalytics

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