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Tuckahoe, New York, USA

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Amazon best selling author of Driving Digital, The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology.

Successful CIO leading digital transformation, innovation, agile, and data science programs in multiple organizations.

Delivered new revenue generating products and drove efficiencies through data programs. Transformed underperforming businesses by investing in strategic technologies, enabling agile practices, outsourcing commodity services and establishing performance metrics.

Recognized as a top 100 social CIO, blogger, and industry speaker.

• Spearhead change and establish entrepreneurial culture by leading vision, strategy and execution of product and application development practices on SaaS, analytics, and content products.

• Deliver innovative solutions by leveraging experience in diverse industries: B2B financial information services, construction management information, B2C business/financial publications, digital advertising, media, SaaS technology providers, travel, genetics and health care; in early stage, entrepreneurial and mid-tier enterprises.

• Accelerate product development, delivery and release processes by leading agile methodology and business culture; focus on business/IT collaboration yielding product improvements that engage customers.

• Create enterprise data view by connecting CRM, financial, marketing and other data sources and enabling business data scientists to self-develop business intelligence dashboards.

• Optimize IT organizational performance through training, mentoring, selective hiring; lead blended internal/outsourced/offshore teams and establish vendor management practices to ensure service level quality.

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Thought leadership, transformation management.

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