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Ionixx Technologies

Los Angeles, California, USA
++1 888 202 7602
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 2013

About Ionixx Technologies

Ionixx Technologies is a full-spectrum development firm that specializes in mobile, web and cloud technologies.

Our team of over 80 designers and developers have expertise in iOS, Android, Web, Server-side technologies, IoT, and Blockchain.

We work with startups and fast-growth companies as a technology execution partner. We operate out of the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Toronto and Chennai, India where we have a development center.

We help companies craft new and disruptive technologies by playing the role of a technology partner.

We support the growth of businesses:

  • use lean, agile and design thinking in unison to create great products
  • have one of the fastest delivery times in the industry
  • follow rapid agile development methodologies
  • fair and transparent pricing
  • extensive technology stack
  • onboard clients immediately
  • complimentary 30-days warranty following project delivery
  • intellectual property protection through NDAs and strict internal security


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