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London, United Kingdom
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2017

About Insight 222

Insight222’s goal is to increase the speed and effectiveness of people analytics and the initiatives it supports. We do this by offering:

  • Premium Networking (the People Analytics Program)
  • Conferences & Masterclasses
  • Training
  • Vendor Networking


We deliver frequent webinars, online training courses, and executive retreats all aimed at building your skills, knowledge, and value.


Our networking activities bring peers together at least quarterly, and use the co-creation designed thinking techniques to solve some of the most difficult topics in people analytics.


Our Nine Dimensions Model helps people analytics teams develop a roadmap for future success, and our leaders provide advisory support on a continuous basis.

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Workforce Analytics, HR Analytics, HR Metrics, Human Resources, HR, Predictive Analytics, Workforce Planning, Organizational Network, Analysis, Performance Management, Machine Learning, Employee Sentiment Analysis.

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