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Lyngby, Kobenhavn, Denmark
  • Size: Small
  • Year founded: 2007

About Innovisor

In Innovisor, we believe in people! – if you listen to your people, trust and engage them, then there are no limits to what you can achieve as an organization.

We help our clients succeed through an Organizational Network Analysis approach that allows you to connect to the people. Innovisor documented the #ThreePercentRule for the identification of influencers inside organisations.

The Three Percent are the employees in your organization you can NOT afford NOT to engage in your change, if you want to succeed. Those that drive the conversations at “the water cooler”​ and shape the perceptions of “the grapevine”​. Innovisor employs an evidence-based approach supported by sophisticated algorithms, cutting-edge technologies, massive benchmark data, simulations and risk modeling.

Our product portfolio includes: The Collaboration Accelerator, The Change Accelerator, The Post-Merger Accelerator, The Leadership Recalibrator and The Change Tracker.

Innovisor was born global! Today, our clients are some of the worlds leading brands from across the world, but also smaller companies with around 100 employees.

Our clients come from all industries. Innovisor is obsessed with quality. Its client satisfaction average 4,5 on a 1-5 scale and 75% of its clients sign up as ambassadors.


People Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Collaboration, M&A Integration, Change Management, CoE Diagnostics, Business Transformation, Networks Diagnostics, HR, Communications Organization, Culture Diagnostics, Organizational Network Analysis, Innovation Diagnostics, Innovation, Communities, Networks, Ecosystems.

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