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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
+1 702 819 6363
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 2016

About Inn4Science

Inn4Science is a trusted development company offering a wide range of end-to-end solutions for startups and businesses.

We specialise in high-performance and scalable services such as:

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets and Exchange Development;
  • Private and Public Blockchain Development;
  • dApp Development;
  • Blockchain Business Analysis;
  • Proof of Concept Development;
  • ICO Development and Audit;
  • Web Development; High Load Systems Development;
  • SaaS development.

Our team has a great experience in providing secure and reliable services customised for different business models providing a range of expert solutions for starting a new project or improving your existing business processes.

Inn4Science specialists guarantee the solutions designed for millions of users and market entry meeting deadlines. Our expertise in blockchain development ensures the best results meeting the highest world standards of Efficiency, Transparency, Resilience, Scalability and Reliability.

We provide the development process transparency and predictability by using Agile methodologies not only for target-setting but business analysis. We create products based on Ethereum, Bitcoin and deal with advanced development technologies such as Exonum, Node.js, ReactJS, Angular, GoLang, Rust as well.

Book a free consultation on the development, implementation in business processes and benefits from Inn4Science Blockchain development experts and Business Analysts! (We’ll send a signed NDA before consideration starts).

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