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Seattle, Washington, USA
+1 240 58 09 629
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2014

About Indeema software

Assisting with every stage of development, especially in IoT area.

Customers rate Indeema’s expertise 5.0 on Clutch. Let’s get in touch and together come to the best-fitting way of collaboration.

When your project:

  • Is just a spark of idea to be yet turned into detailed specifications
  • Needs solid Proof of Concept that persuades your investors
  • Requires skillful Prototype to get the look and feel of your idea
  • Should be launched soon so you need it quality developed as soon as possible
  • Lacks a parts of functionality (module, feature, application)
  • Was through several companies, yet it is not what you expected
  • Contains web, IoT, blockchain, mobile, desktop, or any combination of those

To schedule a consultation, contact us or via +1 240 58 09 629. Together we’ll estimate the tools, timeframe, resources, and assess risks for your project.

7 Indeema areas of expertise your project may benefit from:

  • Software development & design
  • Firmware development
  • Hardware development & design (both mechanical and electrical)
  • Creating documentation (specifications, requirements, whitepapers)
  • Establishing efficient workflow and technology stack
  • Dedicating a team for your specific needs
  • Technical and business consultation

Review cases of developing market ready solutions in less than 3 months and 3,5+ years of expanding business digital presence at

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Mobile apps (iOS, Android), Web solutions (front-end, back-end) and Solutions for the IoT (IIoT), Blockchain-based decentralized apps

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