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Madrid, Spain
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2016

About Huete&Co

Huete & co. provides advisory services to the top management of companies through a network of independent professionals with its own brand.

We are experts in improving the vital signs of the companies with which we work.

“To the heart of business” is the main attribute of our brand. With these words we want to express our intention to go to the heart of things, to the essentials, where the course and rhythm of what happens in the companies and teams with which we work is decided.

The services we provide are business consulting and cultural change, the accompaniment of the management committees to improve their effectiveness, the coaching of senior executives, the membership of the Board of Directors as independent, the training within the company, and interventions as speakers at events.

The purpose that unites us is the ambition to improve companies both from the business perspective and from the perspective of the integration of the people who work in them.

We believe that better human teams make better companies; and better companies make a better society possible.

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Consultants, Advisors, Speakers, Cultural Transformation, Speakers, Advisors, Senior Management Advisors, Board Advisors, Family Business, Strategic Consulting, Advisor Councils, Independent Directors, Mentors, Business Schools, Coaching, Leadership.

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