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Suite 402, Level 4, 105 Pitt St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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  • Year founded: 2017

About Guidethrough

Guidethrough is a Digital Adoption, Transformation & Change Solution for Enterprise.

Second-to-none support for your application end users through creating & embedding, right in the screens where your users work, interactive Guidethrough tours & any url-accessible content for your web applications – in minutes and without coding.

This is the secret to enabling Digital Transformation – by quickly, easily and at low-cost providing a platform to support end users in using new apps, systems and processes that are inevitable in any digital change & transformation process.

If users don’t, or can’t, use and ultimately adopt to these new apps, then real change & resulting digital transformation goals are unlikely to be met.

Guidethrough’s screen overlay steps and automated process navigation is embedded within your live web applications to give end users finger-tip, contextual, live process screen navigation and in-the-workflow learning. Right where and when they need it and without searching.

Guidethrough displays a sequence of steps that actually navigates the user through each screen & every step in the process. No specialised skills are needed to use Guidethrough and no technical integration is required. Guidethrough is the Digital Adoption Platform that provides a really economical solution for Digital Transformation, Workflow Embedded Learning and End User Apps Training.

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SaaS, Web tours, User training, Employee training, Onboarding, Self-service support, Customer success, Guided Learning, Digital Adoption, System Change, Transformation, Software Training, Cloud Apps, Contextual Help, Performance Support.

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