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Graham Roberts

Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom
  • Size: Interim Consultancy
  • Year founded: 2014

About Graham Roberts

I am a digital transformation consultant and fractional CTO/CIO specialising in systems integration, monolith to microservice transitions, data management, DevOps transformations and product delivery.

On my career journey through developer, trainer, mentor, architect, consultant, CTO and founder I have seen and solved the challenges faced by IT teams with complex backend systems.

I work with senior leadership to ensure digital efforts aligns with corporate strategy while maintaining hands-on knowledge of current technologies in order to work effectively with technical teams and provide credible leadership.

Contact me if you need:

  • A fractional CTO/CIO
  • An enterprise application/data integration project delivered
  • A digital transformation consultant
  • A DevOps transformation
  • An application/cloud/data/process architect
  • An expert in Drupal based SaaS applications, marketplaces

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Strategy, Leadership, Process, Application integration, Data integration, Data quality, Master data management (MDM), ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), Complex data migrations, Microservice architecture, API driven enterprises, Integrating APIs (RESTful, SOAP, XML-RPC), Scalable, high availability web applications, DevOps, Cloud, Polyglot - .NET, LAMP, Java, Perl, JS, Bash, Advanced SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server), Enterprise, bespoke Drupal, NoSQL - Elasticsearch (currently playing with MongoDB and Neo4j), Advanced debugging techniques, Integrated system troubleshooting.

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