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Do you want your organisation to be innovative? I love to inspire you with my speeches, workshops and innovation methods, in a practical way, so your organisation becomes a successful innovator. I am honored to be chosen by LinkedIn as one of their first 150 Influencers, and I like to thank all of my 325.000+ followers.

I help you to spark a culture for innovation in your organisation in four ways:

1. Books. Check out ‘Inspiration for Innovation’, ‘The Innovation Maze’ and my ‘classic’ on innovation ‘The Innovation Expedition’, an innovation bestseller on Amazon, in 6 languages.
2. Keynote lectures. As illustrative storyteller with an informal style, full of insight, humor, and entertainment I inspire my audience on innovation and design thinking (see
3. Workshops. In 1 -, or 2-day workshops, I train your people in a very practical way how to start innovation and create a culture for innovation within your organisation (see
4. FORTH innovation method. With the structured FORTH methodology I help people in organizations worldwide to jumpstart innovation and create new products, services and business models in 15 weeks (see Scientific research has proven that FORTH doubles the effectiveness of your innovation process, as 3 out of 4 new business cases get launched.

Call or email me when you are looking for a speaker, workshop facilitator or to increase your innovation effectiveness at 00 30 698 5716289 or

Specialties: Initiating Innovation. Ideation. Service Innovation. Innovation management. Innovation Organisation. Innovation culture. Innovation leadership. Concept development. Product innovation. new business development. Business concepts. New Product Development (NPD). Design Thinking. Brainstorming. Innovation seminars, innovation workshops, innovation presentations, innovation key-notes, FORTH innovation method, innovation consulting, innovation training. service innovation.

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Thought leadership, innovation.

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