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Geoff Parker

Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

    About Geoff Parker

    I am a professor of engineering in the Thayer School at Dartmouth College where I also serve as Director of the Master of Engineering Management Program.

    In addition, I am a visiting scholar and research fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Initiative for the Digital Economy where I lead platform industry research studies and co-chair the annual MIT Platform Strategy Summit.

    I work to understand the economics and strategy of network “platform” industries. I co-developed the theory of “two sided networks” which provides a mechanism to explain pricing in network markets. I work with numerous organizations to help them understand and craft their platform strategies.

    WW Norton published our book “Platform Revolution” in 2016 – this is our attempt to make the research accessible to a wide audience. It’s now in 10 languages and we’re gratified to hear that people are using it to help inform their platform strategies.


    Thought leadership, Platforms business models.

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