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London , United Kingdom
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About Gary Burke – RFH

Gary Burke primarily operates as an independent through his advisory and consulting business, Rabbits From Hats (RFH), but also has an extensive professional network and collaborates with trusted colleagues and partners when required.

Transformation of any flavour (business, digital, organisational etc) is complex and needs to be approached in the right way to succeed… and potentially save £millions. Much like an iceberg, there’s a lot that needs to be understood which isn’t visible or immediately obvious to avoid ending up with the transformation programme equivalent of the Titanic, or more likely, the board meeting where you need to discuss how much has been spent, the lack of progress and how to get the programme back on track!

Transformation can significantly impact an organisation’s business model and operating model – its products and services, customers, distribution channels, the shape and structure of the organisation, governance framework, people, processes, data and all the technology aspects. Factor in the management of internal and external stakeholders, vendors and other third parties, and balance these elements with the changes needed to the corporate mindset and culture, as well as compliance to regulation, and you can see that transformational change is complex with many moving and interconnected parts.

Done well it can make a huge difference to an organisation’s operation, people, customers and performance. Unfortunately, transformation programmes have a poor track record of success which is wholly avoidable. RFH works with business leaders and organisations to help them better understand transformational change and its impact on all areas of the organisation so it can be approached and executed in the right way, avoiding the pitfalls, and delivered successfully.

Services include:

  • Board advisory / fractional Chief Transformation Officer
  • Transformation programme leadership and direction
  • An introduction to transformational change (presentation)
  • Transformation readiness (timeboxed reviews):
    • Strategic programme alignment
    • Business and operating models
    • Change and programme capability
    • Information flow and governance framework
  • Transformation programme assurance and recovery.


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Transformational change advisory services, transformation programme leadership, executive mentoring, programme assurance & recovery, change capability development, insurance, financial services. culture & mindset, mergers & acquisitions, organisational design

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