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Gapingvoid Culture Design Group

Miami Beach, Florida, USA
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2008

About Gapingvoid Culture Design Group

Gapingvoid is an end-to-end culture design firm that specializes in building ideal cultures in organizations.

The team are each leading experts in cross-disciplinary fields who, together, align organizational outcomes with meaning and purpose at work to drive productivity, shareholder value, employee engagement and turn customers into fans.

They have designed a unique process by which they gain a deep understanding of human motivation, and execute change projects that are scalable and sustainable; solving hard people problems that include digital transformation, improving customer experience, smart risk-taking, and building cultures that encourage and adopt disruptive innovation.

Tactics for change often revolve around reframing work experiences, storytelling, and integrating cultural norms into the end to end employee experience.

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