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  • Year founded: 2011

About GameShift

GameShift does what it says on the tin – we help shift the game of individuals, teams and organisations. We are an FT ranked leading management consultancy, working across the full range of strategic and leadership development challenges with clients.

We work with individuals, teams and whole organisations to bring about shifts in seeing, thinking and action to thrive in a shifting world.

Our Creative Large Scale Processes will bring fresh ways of seeing and thinking together – ways to grasp challenges from different angles that make new outcomes become possible.

By creating participative ways of working, new connections, innovations, experiments and actions spark into life.  Together they produce results that currently don’t seem possible.

We develop Directors & Executive Teams to work in creative collaboration as a core way of leading. We help people to see from a systems perspective, to experiment, innovate & learn in practical ways that address live strategic challenges.

We do this by challenging existing thinking, addressing strategic risks & building energy behind actions to deliver what your organisation needs.

We deliver in flexible ways to suit your needs. Everything we do can be crafted to your exact situation.

What does this look like in practice?

Our creative large-scale processes

The Participative Strategy Process
Using our own proprietary techniques and approaches we have a ten-year track record of getting large groups of people (from tens, to hundreds, and even thousands) to collect and share strategic insight, develop new ideas and commit to effective action.

By getting groups to engage and work closely together, people more readily commit to a strategy and the chances of it being successfully implemented are increased.

The Big Event
We design and facilitate some of the most effective and innovative meetings and conferences you will ever experience.  From short events to multi-day, multi-site global experiences, with anything from 50-250 people plus.

Your agenda could be anything that really matters: from an annual conference whose format and processes need reinvigorating, to large meetings to address silo working, winning new business, growth or innovation, through to the first gathering of colleagues in a newly merged organisation to anything else.

Whatever your strategic priority we create outstanding events that bring something different to deliver your objectives.

The Keynote Shake-Up
Sometimes all you need is provocation and inspiration to light fire in the belly. We can offer keynotes and half or full day sessions that really shake up people’s thinking.

We speak about all sorts of things: they include seeing and acting differently in a changing world, leading with authority when outcomes are unknown, how to use purpose, responsibility and relationships to create genuine difference in a marketplace.

We have many specialist speakers who can bring quality, insight and inspiration to your event.

Developing directors & executive teams

The Alchemist Process
We run a light-touch process to support the development of top leaders.  It does this through experimentation around practical change-making to deliver better outcomes to organisations.

Our research into 5 years of this work shows clear benefits including confidence in leading through uncertainty and where expertise is not enough; reimagining personal leadership; feeling more able to take tough decisions; learning how to connect differently and more deeply with colleagues and other stakeholders; having a rekindled sense of personal and organisational purpose.

The Directors’ Programme
We design and run a custom development programme for new Directors and rising appointees.  It delivers skills and perspectives to see the enterprise as a system and shows how to contribute with authority as a new executive team member.  This work helps new directors to hit the ground running and add value from day one.

The Leadership Crucible
Without the right work at the top level, nothing else in the system really lights up.

Using our framework of good team practice, developed from our own research, we assess the effectiveness of your executive and senior teams to identify how well equipped they are as a team to lead your organisation with authority, inspiration and insight in an uncertain and shifting world.

We help amplify what’s working well and develop those areas that are currently holding you back.

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