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10735 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28262, United States
+1 704-512-0478
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  • Year founded: 2007

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix is a leading predictive analytics software and services company that provides analytics tools for big data. Our products reside and execute within the database (or data warehouse), greatly reduce the need to move the data, are accessible using SQL scripts, and use parallel programming tools and techniques to significantly reduce analytic processing times.

By helping customers solve problems using analytics, we deliver high return on investment and by directly integrating analytics into the areas where data already resides Fuzzy Logix enables enormous processing efficiencies and dramatically reduces the cycle time for analytics.

Fuzzy Logix was formed in 2007 and has offices in the USA, UK and India; the Senior Management team are based in the US on the East and West coast.

In October 2013, we won the IBM Award for “Information Management Big Data & Analytics Innovation Award”, a prestigious honour in a highly competitive category where only one winner is selected from all IBM Business Partners worldwide.

We offer two in-database products and one in-gpu product:

DB LytixTM is an analytic software library that was under development for over a decade and released in 2009. It consists of over 600 algorithms for data mining, simulation, forecasting, mathematics, statistics and more. The FIN LytixTM library, released in 2011 contains over 200 algorithms for models for financial services companies in the areas of pricing and risk management for equity, fixed income, corporate finance and time series analytics. The models are designed for fast analytics on big data and DB LytixTM and Fin LytixTM are the world’s most complete libraries of in-database functions. The nearest competitor has 30 models.

Additionally, Fuzzy Logix offers a full range of consulting services designed to help companies with their analytic solution needs and we develop custom models.

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