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CA, 94085, United States
+44 1235 797711
  • Employees: 10000
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  • Year founded: 1935

About Fujitsu Consulting

Fujitsu in Ireland defines, designs, builds and operates innovative IT solutions, products and services, helping our customers to realise the benefits of the connected economy. In Ireland we offer a full portfolio of IT products, solutions and services. We concentrate on our core strengths, delivering customer focused IT and applications, infrastructure development, management and outsourcing across desktop, networking and data centre environments together with a full range of related services, from management and technology consulting, hardware through to integration and deployment.

With some 800 people, we operate throughout the island of Ireland, providing an end-to-end IT hardware and infrastructure service to clients in business and government. Our reputation for reliable and flexible IT products, applications and infrastructure is mirrored by a proven track record for innovation. Our service methodology is based on the concept of constant improvement and our dedicated service teams are supported by the latest in systems development, management and support tools.

In Ireland we have been delivering and managing innovative IT solutions, products and services for our public and private sector customers since the early days of electronic computing.

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