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London, United Kingdom
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 2002

About Exponential-e

Innovation is at the core of Exponential-e, and has been since our inception in 2002.

We wholly own our superfast Network, and our fusion of complementary technologies – a carrier-class Network and Cloud infrastructure – means we can deliver enterprise applications at wire speed for a superior end-user experience.

Technology is the beating heart of your business, and is undoubtedly fuelling your growth and sustaining your competitive advantage. What you don’t need is the complexity that comes with multiple service providers and varying service levels.

At Exponential-e, we strive to constantly exceed expectations in innovation and service; what’s more we can provide a single end-to-end SLA. At Exponential-e, our Cloud services do not transcend the public Internet.

Instead, they reside on a customer’s LAN, on the clean side of the firewall, so security and privacy concerns are negated. Our vast product portfolio enables us to create tailored solutions for each individual customer, ensuring that we meet their exact needs and requirements – whether that be for Data Centre, Cloud, Unified Communications, Security, or IT Services.

Exponential-e has been awarded 7 ISO accreditations and is supported by a UK based 24 / 7 x 365 service desk.

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Connectivity, Cloud Computing, Unified Communications, Data Centre Services, IT Services, IT Security, Voice, DDoS, VPLS, Colocation, 10GigE, Network, Internet Service, SD-Cloud, SD-WAN, MPLS.

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