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Melbourne, Florida, USA
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About Emissary Insights

Since the advent of digital businesses are in turmoil.  Trust between brands and consumers continues to plummet but with the right help, marketers can bridge the gap between the business and the seemingly ever-so-elusive consumer.

Emissary Insights and my course Mastering Digital Strategy will help you get there in just 5 steps and see you gain a Certification from the DMAC as well.

Mastering Digital Strategy is  digital business transformation and brand engagement training program. It’s taught from an inside out in perspective to give a customers view as seen by experienced best agency marketers.

In it you’ll learn the 5 fundamental things marketers must  know if they wish to be leaders, change agents and champions in today’s digital world:

  1. A strategic understanding of how digital has permanently changed consumers
  2. How to structure engagement programs (not tactics)
  3. How to build consumer groups based on intrinsic motives
  4. How to voice against motives to satisfy core needs and drive change
  5. How to use analytics for actual insights and convert insights into sustained action. (hence ROI)

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Make sure you are equipped to be an awesome marketer in today’s digital first world. Learn everything you need to know in just 7 hours of learning. 

The course is delivered through a series of workshops, lectures and on-line courses that show you how exactly marketing has changed because of digital. You’ll then focus on the most important thing, your customers  as I teach you how to develop customer-centric profiles based on real, human factors. Through this customer segmentation you’ll hone how to communicate effectively against each profile and then I’ll take you through how to use analytics to gain even more customer insights and prove ROI

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the course that you can complete in just 7 hours of learning:

The Fundamentals of Digital Strategy:

  • The digital reality and digital transformation challenge
  • The marketing history and the rise of e-everything
  • How marketing has changed because of digital and what marketers can do about it Understanding Dialogue age brand engagement and bringing this into your client’s / brand businesses
  • Shaping customer-centric strategies and engaging customers to develop long-term, strategic digital programs

Selling Digital programs and not tactics:

  • Understanding the two key sales approaches and when to use them
  • Honing the strategic partner approach for long-term programs using the
  • “insight continuum”
  • The 5 key steps in using an insight-based approach to driving sales and cultural change Implementing change for phased approaches and delivery in digital
  • Understanding and using human-centric action maps for program ROI A walk-through of an actual sales process and customer workshops

Digital Customer Pro ling:

  • Why pro ling is critical to achieve changed behavior and results Digital pro ling vs. traditional pro ling
  • The 5 core facets every pro le needs for digital success
  • The pro ling process and how to develop pro les for optimal results

Digital Content for long-term growth:

  • Content is king
  • Strategic application for digital content
  • Digital content for deeper client engagements, leadership and long-term relationships Application of customer position mapping for client leadership
  • Content planning and execution

Analytics & Insights for maximum value:

  • What actually is analytics and why analytics are critical for your agency to succeed The 3 approaches to analytics
  • The rise of analytics 3.0 and how digital marketing is changing
  • 4 tips for agile analytics and selecting the bet t for your brand’s or agency’s efforts 5 steps to building a best analytic practice for your brand or agency Operationalizing analytics (getting them into your business)
  • Selling analytics as a service and purpose statements for maximum ROI

Use this Promotional Code “DTP50” exclusive to The Digital Transformation People and get 50% off . That’s the full course worth  $1914 for just £562 and get certified too.

Interested to hear more. Download my a free e-book  Digital’s BIG short. In it you’ll learn 

  • How marketing’s bubble is about to burst. 
  • It’s just like the housing and financial crash of 2008 and nobody’s paying attention.
  • It unpacks the perfect storm of digital marketing and what marketers must see to save themselves and the brands they serve.

Here’s a taster entitled Digital Transformation is Marketing’s Biggest Threat

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