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Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 1995

About Elder Research

Elder Research is a recognized industry leader in the science, practice, and technology of advanced analytics with vast experience in data transformation and model construction.

Founded in 1995 by Dr. John Elder, Elder Research has helped government agencies and Fortune Global 500® companies solve real-world problems in diverse industry segments.

Our goal is to transform data, domain knowledge, and algorithmic innovations into world-class analytic solutions. When we combine the business domain expertise of our clients with our deep understanding of advanced analytics, we create a team that can extract actionable value from the data.

Our areas of expertise include data science, text mining, data visualization, scientific software engineering, and technical teaching. Experience with diverse projects and algorithms, advanced validation techniques, and innovative model combination methods (ensembles) enables Elder Research to maximize project success for a continued return on analytics investment.

Elder Research’s Analytics Services are designed to scale based on the unique requirements of each organization and can maximize the client’s return on analytic investment.

Elder Research is also a leader in advanced analytic training and offers a variety of training services directed at each of the key stakeholders within an organization. Training builds a common foundation and vision for analytics across business units and lead to the successful adoption, deployment, and maintenance of analytic models within an organisation.

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Model construction, text mining, predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, data science, analytics training, outcome-based modeling, fraud detection, cross-selling/up-selling, customer segmentation, anomaly detection, investment modeling, and threat detectio

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