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London, United Kingdom
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 1999

About dsp Database Managed Services

Our clients benefit from databases & applications that are highly responsive, secure and regularly benchmarked against best practice, whether they be onsite, hosted or in a Public Cloud. From our City of London support centre we deliver ‘Next Generation’‚Äč Database Managed Services for Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source Architectures.

It is a badge of honour for us that our approach is Proactive, not Reactive. The bespoke tools we have developed over 17 successful years of trading provide us with Knowledge and Foresight, something that trumps even the best reactive service. Fixing potential issues before they impact your business is our No1 goal. Prevention AND Cure.

People come to us to help solve numerous challenges with their Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source database estates such as:-

  • Troubleshooting a critical database outage.
  • Bridging a DBA/Architect/BI skills gap in an existing in-house database team.
  • Wanting independent advice on migrating databases to the cloud from a company that has proven credentials with Azure, AWS & Oracle Cloud.
  • A desire to avoid application downtime of any nature.
  • A need to maximise the security of an Oracle, Microsoft or Open Source database estate.
  • Someone to turn to when you need eyes-on your databases around the clock and your current team is already stretched.
  • A desire to move to an agile, Dev Ops oriented architecture to support your business operations.
  • A pressing need to reduce licensing costs across your database or cloud platforms

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