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Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

    About Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

    Looking at modern innovation management for future-proof companies. Helping organizations build Dual Innovation and Scaling-Up capabilities. Integrative thinker. T-shaped. Book author and awarded Innovation blogger.

    ‘There is no need to argue whether dual innovation is required in today’s business world. It seems mandatory for the majority of organizations. Let’s shift our focus on how those approaches can get implemented in order to deliver impact.’

    Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr is an experienced and well-versed corporate innovation and development consultant. Ralph has held senior management positions at various international and local Swiss companies across industries such as Thin Film/Semiconductor, Energy and Transportation.

    His key competencies and skills include:
    * Building up corporate innovation capabilities
    * Design and implementation of innovation systems
    * Modern innovation methodologies (such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup and others)
    * Identification and development of new business opportunities
    * External partnering and startup engagement
    * Facilitation of Digital Transformation activities
    * Strategy development and execution
    * Technology management

    Throughout his career Ralph realized that companies share one major issue in common: the struggle and even inability to pursue core business and sustainable innovation in parallel. Drawing on these lessons, he has focused on passionately developing modern dual corporate innovation management systems for future-proof companies and dynamic environments.

    In 2012, Ralph co-wrote a well-received article series on “Balancing Innovation via Organizational Ambidexterity” with Frank, published at InnovationManagement.se. Therefore, the two can be considered pioneers in translating the previously in large part academic concept of Organizational Ambidexterity into practical relevance for companies.

    Ralph is a distinguished Top 20 Innovation Blogger at Innovation Excellence, the world’s largest innovation community. He is German, living and working in Switzerland for more than 13 years. He holds a doctoral degree in Physics.


    Thought leadership, Innovation.

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