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About Donald Hawthorne – GTM® Hawthorne, Inc.

I help executives build companies for growth by ensuring their company’s go-to-market solutions are crystal-clear, robust, and will successfully navigate diligence scrutiny in the marketplace (by customers) and in strategic transactions (by investors and partners).


We live in a world where abundant signs of failure caused by following conventional wisdom are in plain sight. So don’t be conventional!


Those failure rates are caused by the absence of rigorous go-to-market strategies and performance – specifically, the lack of product-market fit, organizational fit, and business-model fit solutions.


My novel GTM® Road Map rejects conventional wisdom, delivers those three solutions, and has an 85% consulting project success rate – driving superior valuation and operating performance outcomes for clients. In a nutshell, I am a go-to-market expert who helps companies take the right products and services to market with greater speed and capital efficiency.


First, the GTM Persuasion Framework – which curates best practices and filters them through a pragmatic operating executive lens – brings company-wide clarity to your go-to-market issues. Second, my experience holding 12 C-suite positions – including 6 CEO roles – allows me to work alongside executives as a trusted peer-level partner as we jointly develop customized go-to-market solutions for your company.

ABOUT ME As a seasoned business executive, I have worked across a range of company types – large, growth, startups, and turnarounds – mostly in the pre-revenue to $100MM annual revenue size. I have worked in or with 50 companies and developed the practical knowledge that comes from being a leader on 24+ different go-to-market initiatives. There is little – both good and bad – I haven’t seen, and that means I have likely dealt with the issues most important to you. See my LinkedIn profile.

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