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London, United Kingdom
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  • Employees: 50
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  • Year founded: 2010

About Digital Works Group

At Digital Works Group, we help clients embrace digital for better business outcomes.

We support clients across diverse industries with their digital business and technology strategy, transformation, innovation, and growth – irrespective of where they sit on the digital evolution curve.

Digital Works Group offers deep expertise in financial services, retail, FMCG, telecoms, media, and technology.

With a comprehensive knowledge of technologies that include martech, fintech, e-commerce, HR analytics and big data.

All delivered by a highly experienced digital team, who can THINK & DO. To solve your digital pain-points, allowing you to grab the opportunities at pace.

Why Digital Works:

* Deep digital expertise, at least 15 years + in every team member
* Think & Do approach. Helping you think through the right strategies, remaining by your side to help you successfully execute
* End-to-end services. Supporting you through ‘think’ (Strategy & Leadership), ‘execute’ (Product, Project & Technology) and ‘grow’ (Business Acceleration)
* Successful proven methodologies. Tried and tested approaches that deliver better outcomes
* Extensive contacts & black-books. To open doors, reduce uncertainty and accelerate growth
* Delivered in the right spirit. Committed, collaborative, innovative and transparent

Which means we count the following as valuable clients of ours:

* MasterCard, Paypal, Experian, Kalixa Payments Group, CPP
* Cereal Partners Worldwide, Mars, Volkswagen Group, Jaguar Land Rover
* eBay, Travelodge, Seatwave, Royal Mail, Communisis, Government Digital Marketplace, Virgin Media, BT, Ooredoo, UK Broadband, Liberty Global, Vodafone

Enabling better outcomes. Through digital.

Here’s what we can help you with.

Strategy Development End-to-end development, planning and delivery of your business strategy. Clarity on vision, objectives, strategy, investments and the role of digital within.
Business Data & AI Transformation Making the most of your data environment and models, business information and being clear on AI’s role. To enable better decision making, relevancy, risk and customer management.
Innovation-as-a-Service Running a successful process for innovation – ideation, selection, creation and enterprising. Producing better investment control and beneficial innovation.
Organizational Transformation Designing and implementing change in organization shape, structure, culture and tools. Enhancing business effectiveness and efficiencies, productivity, morale and compliance
Voice-of-the-Customer A structured approach to gain fundamental insights on what your customers really need from your business, products and services. Guiding investments and priorities.
Improving Customer Experience End-to-end at every touchpoint or in a specific area of a multi-channel approach, producing improvements for your customers and business model.
Proposition Management Ensuring coherence in your Product, Sales, Marketing and Pricing to maximise sales and returns.
Sales and Marketing Transformation Changing all aspects of your Go-to-Market and adding ‘digital’ as needed to be more responsive, relevant and the production of a stronger ROI.
Online Trading Developing and optimizing your web and mobile trading assets for better conversion, repeat sales and ROI.
Customer Service Experience Improving your customer service environment via digital to benefit NPS, customer feedback and costs.
Internationalization Facilitating international expansion in a low cost, low risk, yet successful way.
Target Operating Model Adaptation Planning, designing, and altering your operating model to environmental and business needs to bring greater efficiencies, stronger compliance, and enhanced commercial benefits.
Process improvement & Automation Improving the efficiency of processes via remapping and automation to enable a lower cost of operations, better productivity, and enhanced team morale.
Delivery-as a-Service Outsourced project and program delivery for capacity, capability and client-experience benefits.
Creation Process Change Changing your approach to benefit from more effective cross functional working practices and processes, clearer priorities and tools that enable your business to innovate and create faster.
Technology & Data Transformation Changing your technology and data environment to enable your business to be more responsive, compliant, insightful, productive and cost-effective.
Finance & Business Systems Successful transformation of critical financial, HR and Management Reporting systems for better decision making, financial control, and regulatory compliance.


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