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London, United Kingdom
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  • Year founded: 2002

About Digital Workplace Group

Digital Workplace Group (DWG) is a strategic partner, covering all aspects of the evolving digital workplace industry through membership, benchmarking and boutique consultancy services.

DWG provides independent expertise to more than 100 leading corporates and public institutions to advance their intranets and broader digital workplaces, through peer learning, independent evaluations, research and practitioner expertise.

We achieve this through three related lines of service:

1. A confidential member forum that shares best practice, research and measurement to help with ongoing improvement and learning

2. A consulting service that helps organizations find their way through specific challenges and strategic decisions.

3. An independent benchmarking methodology and reporting system, based on 15 years of DWG data and metrics to compare organizations confidentially with each other.

At the core of DWG is 15 years of case-study based research and a sophisticated benchmarking evaluation framework. Our technology-neutral analysis gives DWG well-known members and clients in-depth expert recommendations and comparisons with other major organizations.

How strong is your intranet or digital workplace? What does good look like? Our global team are all successful former digital workplace managers from large companies, so we speak from experience, providing data and analytics in a world of opinion.

We also act as a ‘laboratory’ in DWG as we have no offices, innovating new ways of working where digital rather than physical presence matters.

Why journey alone, when you can join us on your intranet and digital workplace experience?

Digital Workplace Group


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