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Didier Bonnet

London, United Kingdom

    About Didier Bonnet

    I consult and provide executive education to large global organizations on the transition to digital businesses. Understanding the impact of technology on the way businesses are managed and perform.

    Although the impact of digitization is not new, the digital economy is at an inflection point, presenting unprecedented challenges for all Boards, CEOs and executives.

    I help senior executives to digitally transform – customer experiences, operations or business models and to understand the significant changes in the way they work, communicate, and lead.

    In addition, I lead Capgemini Invent’s joint research partnership with the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. The research focuses on understanding digital transformation best practices in large global organizations. We also compute the performance gap between digital leaders and others.

    I enjoy writing, blogging and speaking at events and providing commentary to broadcasters and media on my pet topic of digital transformation.

    I am widely published in academic and professional journals and I also co-authored the best selling book: Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation, published by Harvard Business Review Press. #LeadingDigital


    Thought leadership, Transformation management.

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