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About Demi Anderson and The PMO Advantage

Demi Anderson is a distinguished Project Management Professional (PMP) and the founder of The PMO Advantage, a consultancy specializing in high-impact Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) services. With over 20 years of experience, including pivotal roles in establishing and leading enterprise-wide PMOs, Demi has become a recognized expert in aligning project execution with strategic business objectives.

Throughout her career, Demi has consistently demonstrated her ability to transform EPMOs into powerful engines of strategic execution. Her expertise lies in bridging the gap between organizational vision and operational reality, ensuring that project portfolios directly contribute to business goals and drive measurable value. As a testament to her global influence in the field, Demi serves as a Judging Committee Member of the PMO Global Alliance.The PMO Advantage, under Demi’s strategic guidance, offers a suite of services designed to elevate EPMOs from operational centers to key drivers of business strategy:

  1. Enterprise PMO Setup and Optimization: Demi’s approach goes beyond traditional PMO establishment. She focuses on creating EPMOs that are tightly integrated with executive leadership, ensuring that every project and program aligns with and advances corporate strategy.
  2. Strategic Portfolio Alignment: Leveraging her experience in enterprise-wide project management, Demi helps organizations develop portfolio management processes that guarantee resources are allocated to initiatives with the highest strategic impact.
  3. Executive-Level Reporting and Decision Support: Drawing on her expertise in working with C-suite executives, Demi designs executive cockpits and dashboards that provide critical insights for strategic decision-making.
  4. Adaptive Governance Frameworks: Demi implements flexible, scalable governance models that maintain strategic alignment while allowing for agility in execution.
  5. Enterprise-Wide Change Management: Recognizing the challenges of organizational transformation, Demi provides comprehensive change management strategies to ensure successful adoption of new EPMO practices across the entire organization.
  6. Strategic Capability Development: Demi’s mentoring and coaching programs focus on developing not just project management skills, but strategic thinking capabilities across all levels of the organization.
  7. Performance Optimization: Through rigorous assessment and targeted interventions, Demi helps EPMOs dramatically improve their performance, often achieving:
    • A minimum 10% return on the project portfolio budget in the first year
    • 10-30% improvement in portfolio value within the first year
    • Significant enhancements in project predictability and strategic alignment

Demi’s approach is rooted in her extensive experience working with enterprise-level PMOs across various industries. She understands the complexities of large organizations and the critical role that EPMOs play in driving strategic initiatives. Her methods focus on creating EPMOs that are not just administrative centers, but strategic partners to the business, capable of:

  • Translating corporate strategy into actionable project portfolios
  • Ensuring resource allocation aligns with strategic priorities
  • Providing senior leadership with real-time insights for agile decision-making
  • Fostering a culture of strategic thinking and execution excellence throughout the organization

Through The PMO Advantage, Demi Anderson offers a unique blend of strategic vision and practical expertise, helping organizations transform their EPMOs into powerful catalysts for business growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. Her track record of success in aligning project execution with business objectives makes her a sought-after consultant for organizations seeking to maximize the strategic impact of their project management efforts.

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