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DBFB Communications

Northampton, United Kingdom
  • Size: Boutique
  • Coverage: United Kingdom
  • Year founded: 1997

About DBFB Communications

DBFB is a total communications partner, creating simpler, faster and better communications for businesses.

Our services include the latest mobile, landline, cloud and ultra-fast connectivity solutions tailored specifically to meet every business’s needs.

What makes us different to the rest? We’re local. We don’t work for our customers; we work with them. We don’t disappear at the first sign of trouble. We’ll be on hand to ensure your plan runs smoothly, yet has the flexibility to change and adapt with the times. We don’t stagnate. We evolve.

We pride ourselves on our innovative yet simple service. Everything is in one accessible place and managed via one bill from a single provider. DBFB: removing the complications surrounding communications. Why do it any other way?

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Mobile, Cloud Services, Landline, Connectivity, Security, Billing, Ultra Fast Broadband, Pure Fibre , Gigabit Speeds, Full Fibre, IT Services, MDM, Video Conferencing.

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