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London, United Kingdom

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I am a globally respected writer, speaker, conference chair and executive consultant on people analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work.

My main role is as an Executive Director at Insight222. Our clients include several Fortune100 firms and through ‘The People Analytics Program’, we help member organisations create more value and better employee experience through the wise and ethical use of people analytics.

The consumer side of Insight222 – myHRfuture.com – provides training for HR professionals in ‘future-oriented’ topics.

In addition, I am a board advisor to TrustSphere and CEO of my own business Zandel, which provides speaking, advisory and consulting services on people analytics, data-driven HR and the future of work.

I write regularly about people analytics and its role in the future of work and the evolution of the HR function. My articles are published on LinkedIn and myHRfuture.com. Subscribe to my Data Driven HR newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dqO4_5

Please feel free to follow me here on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

If you would like to book me as a speaker/chair, please contact me at dgreen@zandel.org.

If you are a people analytics leader or CHRO interested in joining Insight222’s People Analytics Program, please get in touch at david.green@insight222.com.

For my full biography, please visit davidrgreen.com.

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