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About DataTick

DataTick, a specialist, high-performing Data, Analytics, and AI advisory firm that transforms organizations globally, is founded and led by Simon Asplen-Taylor, one of Europe’s most experienced and successful Data Leaders and author of the Amazon bestseller, Data and Analytics Strategy for Business.

The company combines unparalleled data expertise with seasoned strategic insight and longstanding business experience. DataTick emphasizes that data is not just a technical problem but a business problem that requires a business focus. They believe that a data strategy should support a business strategy, yielding results and underpinning business goals. Data value is seen as equal to business value.Operating across industries, DataTick enables companies to gain and maintain a competitive edge and systematically outperform competitors. The company helps its clients solve challenges related to deriving the maximum value from their data, which includes increasing profit and revenue, enhancing operational efficiency, improving customer and employee satisfaction, and reducing costs and risk.DataTick provides a full-service client offering across the following main services:

  • Data Value
  • Data Culture
  • Data Team
  • Data Capabilities
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Compliance

DataTick disrupts the conventional ‘land and expand’ model followed by big data consultancies. Instead of taking over an organization’s capabilities, DataTick enhances the performance of existing teams. Education is a cornerstone of DataTick’s approach; they coach and mentor those already in roles to develop their own resources, gain confidence, and empower them to be more successful within their organization.The company brings best practices, challenges teams intellectually, and aims for their success rather than seeking recognition for themselves. Their unique methodology, TICK (transform, inform, collaborate, know), is driven by the goal of bringing expertise to organizations with no hidden agenda.

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