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About Datantify

Find Any Companies List in Seconds

Are you looking for the specific companies and don’t want to waste your time on research? Start today and buy our B2B databases with your new potential customers and boost your sales by reaching them. Thanks to our solution instead of expensive and time-wasting research you can get the information about all the most significant companies from the entire specific countries with a few clicks.

Datantify is the leading solution to build a list from any industries & countries with verified data. As a company which offers the databases from the entire world, we have available 56 344 978 active companies from 187 various countries! Every company is checked and confirmed by our team which gathered the data from the companies websites with special and professional tools, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of our product and you will be satisfied with the data for sure.

Outstanding search filters

No other company is offering as many filters which will help you to sort the companies as the Datantify. Our service provides over 4000 various sort options and thanks to them you will quickly find a continent, country and the industry of the companies which you are going to reach with your online marketing strategy! Don’t forget that except the addresses we are also offering B2B email lists for sales thanks to which you can easily and fast outreach a company which might be interested in buying your products. Prefer phone marketing? Datantify provides current phone numbers of the all companies in our databases too, so in this case, we are also prepared.

That’s why Datantify is so interesting, whenever you need physical addresses or email lists you can get them both at once or separately just by using our custom filters and we are pretty sure that you will find a place for your business among the 4193 industries available on our website. We guarantee that all the databases are always up-to-date and accurate to the filters which you have used. If you are not satisfied by our B2B email lists quality, or you will find any other problems Datantify also allows the customers to apply for 30-day money back.

Affordable B2B database prices

For those who haven’t used those B2B databases before or for those who need to generate a small database, we offer a free subscription plan which allows you to get 50 credits monthly to check how our service works. Datantify also offers many affordable pricing plans which are perfect even for the individual investors who would like to find various companies from the specific industry. All the pricing plans are paid in the monthly subscription, and you can cancel or renew them whenever you want.

Usage of the Datantify B2B Databases

Still not sure how it can be helpful for you? Let’s create a scenario then. You run a company which sells the best dishes in France, but you would like to increase the number of your customers across entire Europe or even Asia. Now, it would be nice to get a list of companies from your industry and see if they are in need of your products. You can ask them directly thanks to our email lists or send them a few of your dishes to their physical addresses, also thanks to our B2B databases, so they can see if your goods meet their preferences or not. Don’t hesitate and start growing your business right now, especially when you have 50 credits for free at the beginning!

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