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Daimon Caulk

Washington DC, USA
  • Size: Interim Consultancy
  • Year founded: 2009

About Daimon Caulk

I’m a creative, digital transformation leader with more than (10) years of experience in digital design leadership and customer experience (CX/UX). I am leading teams to deliver customer-centric experiences that deliver value to the business.

I recently led a team that merged business capabilities over a customer-centric model to inform an event-driven architecture based upon domains and microservices. This engagement gave me the opportunity to apply personas, traits, and needs to a technical architecture. A real merger of business and technology. It is an exciting project!

As a creative leader, I get hands-on and you can view my work at http://www.behance.net/dcaulk.

I enjoy…
interpreting client needs while advocating for the voice of the customer in mobile-first, agile environments; leading cross-functional teams through concept to completion; directing creative activities through rigorous design thinking; obtaining and applying user research while collaborating with executives and leads across the organization through the application of proven and emerging trends.

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Creative direction, customer experience design, digital transformation consulting, machine learning, and conversational user interfaces, responsive interface design, mobile application design, cross-channel campaign strategy and design, content management, pitching, closing, prototyping, wireframing, brand identity and naming, user research.

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