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Lviv, Ukraine
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2012

About CyberCraft

CyberCraft is a trusted software development, outstaffing and consulting company.

WHAT WE DO: CyberCraft provides dedicated development teams in Ukraine for our clients from the US and Western Europe. We hire and build your own remote Dedicated Development Team tailored to your specific needs. You get your professional full-time developers that work exclusively for you as part of your company.

HOW WE DO: We set up remote teams in our development center in Lviv. The teams work as a part of your organization controlled and managed by you, and we cover all practical needs like recruitment, office infrastructure, HR activities and retention, administrative and legal support, etc.

RESULT: You get your top-notch remote team of developers, save half a time and 60% of costs compared to building the same team in the United States or Western Europe. Experts we provide: Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, Php, Ios, Android, JavaScript, Html, C++

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IT Outsourcing, Building teams for outsource engineering, Software development, Software manual and automation testing, Software maintenance and support, 24/7 technical support, Professional project management, Software development models implementation.

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