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Mountain View, California, USA
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2017

About CTD Solutions Group

CTD Solutions Group (CTD) provides C-Suite as a Service; an on-demand team of visionaries, Fortune 100 executives, marketers and technologies connecting the dots to help you team transform and grow your business. Our focus is enabling you to seize new large-scale opportunities, improve share price, build global relationships, foster cultural change and accelerate quantified innovation.

The collective experience of our 30+ member global team resulted in building 2,200+ new solutions driving over $94B in new revenue whilst leading approximately $1.13T in P&L during our various tenures.

If you are like us, “consulting” is a bad word; “thought leadership” does not get things done. We are “anti-consultants;” we sat on your side of the table, where decisions made put your career on the line. None of us brings a career based on consulting; we are doers who walk the talk to help you, not prolong engagements (you know what we mean).

To help ensure your success we put our fiscal skin in the game aligning a significant portion of our remuneration on your successful outcomes.

Our unique perspective and capabilities to connect the dots includes:

  • The concept and development of new global business solutions.
  • Mapping the end-to-end interactions or your business enabling you to quantify the value of an idea, track innovation and identify roadblocks to your success.
  • Build secure commingled data ecosystems leveraging your information for internal collaboration and monetization with third-party opportunities.
  • Opening doors to new global relationships with complete transfer of tools and knowledge with extensive experience expanding distribution channels and content partnerships.
  • A compelling business model aligning our fiscal risk with your successful outcomes.

Connecting the Dots to Drive Your Business Growth ctdsolutionsgroup.com – or – e-Mail to Info@TeamCTD.com

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