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220 E 23rd St, New York, 10010, USA
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2018

About Cognitive Talent Solutions

75% of organizational restructuring initiatives fail, including mergers, acquisitions and internal reorganizations. The key challenges are selecting the right people for the right roles and completing the restructuring process in a timely manner.

Our cloud-based platform Cognitive Network Analyzer ™ integrates patent-pending technology that helps companies who want to implement mergers, acquisitions and internal reorganizations by identifying informal leaders and simulating organizational restructuring scenarios at employee level.

This allows companies to save 25% of restructuring costs, reduce undesired turnover by 80% and shorten implementation time by 25%, saving more than 3% of the total deal value and increasing shareholder value creation by 50%.

The benefits of our technology have been validated and documented through multiple case studies, including an implementation on a $1.8Bn Telecom merger that resulted in $63M in cost avoidance savings.

The results were documented by Business Executives with 20+ years of experience in M&A integration.

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People Analytics, Human Resources, Organizational Network Analysis, Organizational Restructuring, Artificial Intelligence, M&A.

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