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London, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 3745 5211
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  • Year founded: 2019

About Cloud Compare

Cloud Compare is the world’s most powerful and comprehensive public cloud price analysis service.

We enable you to fully match your existing detailed servers to each IaaS product for each provider globally in seconds. We remove the pain of multi cloud provider analysis by enabling you to compare IaaS pricing for leading cloud providers by comparing prices for each provider based on your existing workloads.

Simply load information about your existing workloads using our easy data loader. Tell us which leading public cloud providers you would like to compare and in which location.

Once selected, we generate detailed costs and a full bill of materials for IaaS services across different providers and each location that you have chosen.

Email: [email protected]


Cloud migration, IaaS analysis, Cloud Comparison, Multi-cloud analysis.

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